The Hamilton Law Firm is a boutique practice concentrating in complex or high net worth marital and family law matters. The firm dedicates itself to limiting its representation to a select number of cases each year so as to provide superb, full service representation to each of its clients, whether the focus is on an amicable resolution in settlement or the client needs zealous representation in a contested matter decided by the court. The firm prides itself on providing a superb service, so that the clients receive the full benefit of our knowledge and skill.

The firm’s clientele are comprised of both international and domestic entrepreneurs, business owners and executives, leaders in the community, professional athletes, television personalities, artists, doctors, accountants, lawyers and other professionals.  The Hamilton Law Firm is dedicated to catering to their clients’ needs and guiding them through some of the most important decisions they will make in their lifetime. Whenever possible, the team at The Hamilton Law Firm strives to reduce the emotional and financial strain of protracted litigation by resolving matters on an amicable basis. 

However, when it is necessary to seek court intervention, the attorneys advocate zealously on behalf of their clients and fight vehemently to protect and promote their legal rights and entitlements.  Kathryn DeVane Hamilton often assembles a team of highly qualified professionals, including forensic accountants and business valuation experts, forensic psychologists and vocational counselors to advance the claims of the firm's clients.  At The Hamilton Law Firm, a team approach is utilized and the client is the most valuable player.  As a result, Kathryn interacts with each of her clients throughout the entirety of their cases and collaboratively designs strategies specifically tailored to attain the goals that are set out during the initial client interview.

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