Where minor children are involved and child support is a contested issue in a case, both parents are required to file a financial affidavit disclosing their current monthly gross incomes, permissible deductions, and average monthly expenses. Following the exchange of financial affidavits, the parties may be able to come to an amicable agreement regarding the extent of child support payments that either party will be responsible for. However, in cases where such an agreement may not be reached, the court will refer to the Florida Child Support Guidelines set forth in the Florida Statutes to determine the amount of support either party will be responsible for. The Hamilton Law Firm has extensive experience in handling all matters regarding child support including establishing child support, enforcing child support orders, and securing child support modifications.  A modification may be warranted when one or both of the parties experience a substantial change in circumstances that is both sufficiently permanent and involuntary.  A substantial change may include:  

  • an increase or decrease in income of either party
  • a change in child care expenses
  • an increase or decrease in the cost of health insurance.
  • job loss
  • substantial change in time-sharing arrangement