Three years ago I was lucky enough to walk through the doors of The Hamilton Family Law Firm and meet the best family law attorney in Miami, Kathryn Hamilton. I will always remember what she told me, "We speak the truth here, whether it is good or bad." She is the most ethical and caring attorney in town. Her greatest concern was to get me through my divorce and protect my children. She is meticulously prepared in all aspects of your case. Kathryn Hamilton is a fierce litigator who is always prepared in court. Her preparedness for your case is second to none. I will never forget what she did for me and my two sons.
- H.Z., divorce

To me, you were [an] angel that took charge when I was emotionally, mentally and physically devastated and had no strength or voice to defend myself. . . . [Y]ou were worth every penny!

- M.C., divorce

[T]hroughout a year of my ordeal, you became a friend - someone I could count on. It was your research, your hard work and your cleverness that this unique story came to an A+ ending.  I can't thank you enough for being there for me. I knew that you truly understood my pain and my plight. I'd like to say . . . your elegance and grace were always, and are always, present.

-M.K., divorce

Thank you for all your help. Your hard work and diligence is appreciated. [We] can now move on with our lives.

-T.M., modification proceeding

Ms. Hamilton was tough as nails and resolved my case quickly. I would recommend her to anyone going through this type of horrible problem with their spouse.

- divorce client

Great with financials, custody and high drama cases. Really, really tough but ethical. She actually cares about what happens to you and your family. Very thorough and has a plan from the beginning how to finish your case rather than drag it on as some lawyers do. She only takes a limited number of cases at a time so her office can pay attention to your case from beginning to end. Her office staff was helpful, polite and always made me feel comfortable.

- C.R., modification of custody and child support

Thank you for your careful work on the pre-nup. [We] were both relieved and relaxed when we finally finished initialing. . . .It was a pleasure working with you.

- M.Z., prenuptial agreement

From the beginning, Ms. Hamilton laid out a strategy to resolve the case and fought hard for me until the end. She was compassionate, ethical and is not afraid of anything. She got me through a situation that at times I believed to be unbearable.

- A., divorce

Thank you so much for your expertise, your kindness and your muscle with regard to my case. You were wonderful to me.
- J.S., divorce

[T]housands of thanks to Kate- so kind, so competent and so supportive.

- D.I., divorce


I just wanted to drop you a note and praise your patience, empathy, compassion and competence in [this] matter. You did a remarkable job that cannot adequately be measured by merely viewing the settlement agreement. Your client was fortunate to have you on her side.

- J.W., Colleague

Kate is among the top family law attorneys practicing in South Florida. I have referred clients to Kate and the results were always excellent.

- S.L., Colleague

Ms. Hamilton is a tireless advocate for her clients. I highly recommend Ms. Hamilton for any complex family matter.
- V.T., Colleague
I've known Kathryn for over 10 years. . . . I have always found her to be a zealous advocate for her clients. Kathryn has excellent courtroom skills, the legal knowledge to match and she really cares about her clients

- C.D., Colleague

Kathryn Hamilton is an outstanding family lawyer. She is detail oriented and provides superior representation. I worked with Kathryn for several years and highly recommend her.
-R.L. - Colleague